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Picture of a winterly landscape of trees on a snowed meadow

Carolina Mazon



Hello, I am Carolina Mazon.


I have been photographing ever since the digital photography was born. At the beginning, with a small (in pixels) camera and then with bigger ones, till I understood that it was not the camera, but the photographer who made the difference. Ever since I do not care too much about the gear I use: it is all about color and composition.  I do not care either too much about the sharpness of my pictures if they are good enough.

But it is not just photography I like. I am also very much interested in the history of the places I visit: What happened there, who were walking the very same paths I am walking now. So I do not make “only” photographic books: I like to know about the history and I read and write about it on books, where the photography is the main characteristic, but not the only one.

Biography: Born in Spain, in the past century,I have been travelling around central Europe, mainly in Germany, France and Spain.

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